Current funded projects

  • BioExcel - Centre of Excellence for Biomolecular Research

  • CHIP-SET - Community Health Intelligence Partnership Semantic Epidemiology Toolkit

  • CORBEL - Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science Services

  • ELIXIR - Distributed European infrastructure for life-science resources (data, tools, standards, compute services and training)

  • Excelerate - Fast-track ELIXIR implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences

  • FAIRDOM - Data and model management service facility for Systems Biology

  • Software Sustainability Institute - Facilitating self-sustainability of research software

  • SynBioChem - Manchester Synthetic Biology Research Centre for Fine and Specialty Chemicals

Current activities

  • Data Carpentry - Teaching researchers fundamental concepts, skills and tools for working more effectively with domain-specific data, as well as data analysis and data management best practices

  • Software Carpentry - Teaching researchers basic programming skills and best practices, including task automation, structured code design and testing, version control and data structuring

Previous funded projects

  • BioCatalogue - Curated catalogue of life sciences Web services

  • BioVeL - Biodiversity e-Laboratory

  • ENGAGE - Improving the Experience of Researchers

  • ESNW - Centre for Collaborative Multidisciplinary e-Research in the North West

  • FISH.Link - Producing tools that allow fresh water biologists to publish data in to the Linked data Cloud

  • HELIO - Services and workflows for HelioPhysics

  • ISpider - Proteomics workflows

  • MIASGrid - Medical Imaging

  • NeISS - National e-Infrastructure for Social Simulation

  • ONDEX - Integration of Biological data

  • Obesity e-Lab - eInfrastructure for collaborative research into obesity

  • OntoGenesis - Specification of biology ontologies

  • OntoGrid - Infrastructure for open services for the semantic Grid

  • Open PHACTS - Bringing together pharmacological data resources in an integrated, interoperable infrastructure

  • REFINE - Text mining and visualisation

  • SageCite - Citation framework for linking data, methods and publications

  • Sealife - Semantic grid browser for the life sciences

  • Semantic Provenance Project - Integrating functionality between two university systems

  • Shared Genomics - Use of semantics to run workflows

  • SysMO-DB - SysMO Data management

  • Web Services for Life Sciences (BioCatalogue) - (BioCatalogue)

  • caGrid - Support for running cancer-research workflows

  • comparaGrid - Querying of genomic relationships

  • e-Fungi - Webservices for comparative genomics

  • e-LICO - Virtual laboratory for collaborative research

Previous activities